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While it is true that the primary purpose of home alarm systems is to warn homeowners of a break-in or a burglary attempt, that the truth is that these systems have many more uses than just home security. Thanks to the technological advances made over the years, the home alarm systems available today are much more sophisticated and advanced.

The security systems can be connected to the Internet and other systems in your house allowing you to monitor your property even when you are enjoying your vacation abroad. These systems do not cost much and allow you peace of mind at a small cost.

If you are still sceptical, here are some additional benefits of having a high-quality home alarm system.

Fire Alarms

These security systems available today also come with sensors for fire detection. Most of the times, loss of life in case of fire happens due to late detection of fire as people do not enough time to get out. Early detection of fire can help a lot in preventing loss of life and property.

Keep Burglars Away

Many surveys have been conducted to study the effect of installing such alarm systems in the residential areas. All of these studies have found that residential areas where home security systems have been installed see a substantial decrease in crime.

It means that the homes with such alarm systems installed are not targeted by burglars and criminals.

Keep Tabs at Your Home While You Are Away

The modern alarm systems available today allow you to see everything in your home with the help of CCTV cameras that are connected to Internet. It is also possible to connect the entertainment system, home lighting and other smart devices with the alarm system if proper planning is done. For instance, you can also manage your thermostats and other devices through the control for alarm system.

Peace of Mind

One of the biggest benefits of installing the security systems is that you gain peace of mind. You feel safe as you can see what your kids are doing and what is happening inside your home even when you are not there.

Carbon Monoxide Alarm

The alarm systems available today also have sensors for detecting any gas leak including carbon monoxide. You may be aware that Carbon monoxide is an odourless and extremely poisonous gas. However, the alarm system can detect this gas and prevent any loss of life.

Which Alarm System to Choose?

There are a number of high-quality alarm systems available today. Recon Security is one of the most well-known security systems installation experts in Wellington. They carry a number of sophisticated home alarm systems including the 3000 security system from Bosch (http://www.reconsecurity.co.nz/bosch-alarm-systems/solution-3000) and the Agility3 security system (http://www.reconsecurity.co.nz/risco-alarm-systems/agility3).

The alarm systems mentioned above offers everything that you need in a home security system. As far as the actual choice of the system is concerned, it depends on your security needs as well as your budget. The home security experts at Recon Security can also help you in selecting the right security system for your home.